Star Wars is back with Rogue One!

The latest addition to the Star Wars franchise is almost upon us, and with the release of Rogue One out today in most countries, we can expect a new Android game too. The film itself with no doubt be a huge hit with any Star Wars fan, but rather than dwell on the movie, I thought it best sticking to what I know best, and that’s small screen of the Android rather than the big screen of a movie theater.

Star Wars Force Arena might not have an official release date yet, you can be pretty sure that it’ll come out around the same time as the movie. There’s every chance that by the time I finish writing this paragraph, it could have been released to the world.

The app sounds incredible though, and interestingly, combines a MMO (Massive-Multiplayer Online) game with real-time strategy game like Red Alert or Age of Empires. You get to take part in huge, galaxy-wide battles with the help of your favorite characters and you can create and lead teams of over 60 characters from the Star Wars universe.

That means you can add characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to your team.

If you can’t wait any longer and want to get more information about the game as soon as it is available, then you can pre-register your interest on the Google Play StoreThis not only ensures that you’ll get the latest information as well as being able to download it, the instant it is released, you’ll also receive special rewards.

However, if you’ve found yourself weak at the knees with an insatiable quench for all things Star Wars, take a look at the three games below. They aren’t the brand new Star Wars: Force Arena, but they do allow you to immerse yourself within the universe and have a lot of fun in the process.

  1. Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    Galaxy of Heroes lets you control some of the most famous and powerful characters from the Star Wars universe, who you then take on into battle against opponent teams. You’ll need to use tactics while also improving your characters as they battle. 

  2. LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA

    LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA

    We all love a bit of LEGO, and those of us who pretend we don’t, are lying. The LEGO world has transformed many games and movies into highly entertaining creations that cater to kids and adults alike, and this is no different. You can relive the Star Wars adventure, The Force Awakens, to help Rey, Chewbacca and Han Solo to try and find Luke Skywalker. Expect puzzles, adventure and of course a lot of fun.

  3. Star Wars: Uprising

    Star Wars: Uprising

    Lastly we have Uprising. It’s an incredible RPG which will pull you in with its immersive story line and keeps you hooked all the way through. It features great game play and allows you to customize items, unlock new abilities and choose the race you wish to represent.

    Now you can re-familiarize yourself with the Star Wars universe before you see Rogue One and then get your hands on the latest game, Force Arena. Until then, enjoy these 3 games and get ready for some very late nights.

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