Best Apps of October 2018: Ulike, Tik Tok lite, and more


Yesterday I talked about the best games of October 2018. If you haven’t already seen that post be sure to check it out. If those games don’t grab your attention, nothing will!

So, since yesterday was all about games it just makes sense to follow it up with a post about the 5 best apps of October 2018. I think it’s fair to say that there’s something for everyone here whether it’s turning even mediocre selfies into those of a super-model using Ulike or creating knockout video content via Tik Tok lite. For those who just want a practical app that gets the job done be sure to check out Voice Access. This is a super handy app that allows you to control your Android via voice commands. I use it myself and believe me, it’s useful!  Finally, TV Tap Plus is the app for anyone who wants to watch televised content on his Android device.

Now, as usual, I want to hear from you.  So, be sure to give these apps a try and let me know what you think by posting a comment below. I’m especially curious to hear what you think about RDR2: Companion. Why? Well, that’s a secret for now.

  1. RDR2: Companion

    RDR2: Companion

    A companion app for Red Dead Redemption 2 that offers real-time interactive maps that will help you explore the open world. Also includes Arthur Morgan’s journal updated as new entries are created and an official manual for Red Dead Redemption 2. You can even track your statistics.

  2. Voice Access

    Voice Access

    Voice Access is a tool that allows the user to control the functions of Android via voice commands. With the app, the user can use the voice command in three situations: basic navigation (forward, back to home, etc.), interacting with interface elements and editing texts.



    A terrific, easy-to-use app for IPTV (Internet Protocol television). IPTV allows you to view televised content on your Android device. Watch your favorite TV channels and create a list of your favorites for easy access. The app works on all Android devices including boxes and fire sticks.

  4. Tik Tok lite

    Tik Tok lite

    An amazing community that allows video content creators to both create and show off their talent. Basically, the app enables you to turn your Android device into a complete mobile studio with things like special effects and rhythm synchronization. Also comes with a large music library.

  5. Ulike


    This is probably one of the best selfie enhancing applications on the Android market today. Tons of gorgeous effects and filters that will enhance your natural beauty and wow your friends on social media. It even has a facial-smoothing effect that adds the perfect finishing touch.

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