5 Best Fitness Apps For Android To Track Your Workouts In 2020

Body fitness is a very important aspect of human health. Being fit allows us to remain in shape and maintain various body vitals such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Due to your busy daily schedule, monitoring your fitness routines on your own can sometimes be difficult. There are several Android apps that have been designed to help you track your workout routines.

These fitness apps have the ability to provide workout routines that give you the best results. The apps also keep tabs of your progress and remind you when you need to work out. This piece describes 5 of the best fitness apps to use in your Android device.

  1. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

    Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

    GoogleFit is a fitness app designed by Google in association with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA). The app has two main features: Move Minutes and Heart Points that monitor your movements and your heart beats respectively. With GoogleFit, you can track your workouts from your phone or smartwatch, monitor your fitness goals and provide coaching tips.

  2. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

    Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

    My FintessPal comes in handy when you want to either lose weight, get healthy, tone up or start a new diet. The app tracks the amount of calories that you take every day. The app has a calorie counter and a database of over 11 million food types. The app also allows you to set your goals and help you monitor your progress towards achieving them. MyFitnessPal also allows you to manage your fitness exercises as it has a variety of fitness exercises to choose from.

  3. Runtastic Running & Fitness

    Runtastic Running & Fitness

    If you prefer running as a fitness routine, then this app is recommended for you. Runstastic is a sleek app that monitors your runs in real time using GPS. The app also analyzes your exercise and training patterns. The app also has a voice coach that gives you training guidance and motivation. The app also allows you to set, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly fitness goals that will be monitored and the progress displayed to you.

  4. Sworkit - Workouts & Fitness Plans for Everyone

    Sworkit – Workouts & Fitness Plans for Everyone

    With Snorkit, you do not need to go to the gym to keep fit. The app has 400 bodyweight and small equipment exercises, over 300 customizable workouts, and new workouts that are added every month. Snorkit can allow you to plan a 6-week workout routine that will get you fitter and healthier in a short time. You can also customize your own workout routines from scratch or personalize one of the routines in the app to suit you.

  5. JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log

    JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log

    JEFIT is a very fantastic app that provides a free fitness program database to help you stay fit. The app offers fitness routines for both beginners and experts. The app will also help you reach your strength, weight and fat loss, and training goals easily. The app also provides over 1300 demonstrations and variations of exercises in HD videos for you to refer to.

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