Top useful Google Maps tips and tricks Android

Image 1 Top useful Google Maps tips and tricks Android

Google Maps is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to navigating around the world. Google dominates almost everything in the world, or more accurately, it dominates the digital side of things. Many of us rely on Google Maps for many things, whether it’s trying to find out where the bars are in a town or using it as a GPS to help us get from A to B.

Whatever the reason you use it for, you might not know about the vast amount of tips and tricks that can help transform Google Maps into something much more powerful. Read on below to discover some cool tricks that you might not know about when it comes to Google Maps.

1) Local Guide:

Google Maps might be a wealth of information, but it also relies on user input to ensure it stays current and up-to date with all the latest stuff. That’s why you can become a local guide where you’ll get rewards for contributing to your “area”. It involves uploading photos, reviews, opening times etc etc of shops, bars and restaurants in your area and in return Google will provide you incentives.

2) Share Lists

If you know your area pretty well and a friend or traveler wanders into your neck of the wood then you could consider importing a list of places and tips of where to go to send them. Simple go into “My Places” –> “Saved” –> “New” and then start marking locations on your map. Each one you mark is added to your list and you can then send this to others so they can see exactly where you recommend.

3) Revisit Your Footsteps

Okay, so this is a little bit weird and slightly has a “stalker” vibe to it, but nonetheless it is a pretty cool feature. If you’ve got your location services enabled and you use Google Maps, almost everywhere you’ve traveled recently will be logged by Google. You can then check out the “Explore your timeline” feature and see where you’ve been, what photos you might have taken there etc etc. Creepy but fun to look back on.

4) Transport Options & Avoiding Annoyances

So this tip is something a lot of people probably already know, but if you don’t then it’s a handy thing to discover. When you’re looking at traveling from one place to another, you can alternate between different modes of transport and Google Maps will tell you the best route, as well as how long it will take. 

There are four modes. Cars, public transport, walking and cycling. Simply choose the one you want and it’ll tell you your best options. You can filter things even more to avoid any annoying obstacles such as avoiding toll roads, how many different buses or trains you want to take to get there etc. Simple but useful.

5) Save Maps for Offline Use

Our last tip is great for anybody who travels a fair bit. If you’re going to struggle finding a Wi-Fi or data connection, you can tap on the hamburger menu at the top-left of the screen and go to “Offline Areas”. Then hit the plus button and you can add a new area.

You can save neighborhoods, cities or countries to view offline depending on what you need, however it will take up a fair chunk of your memory so only save what you need. You can then access these maps regardless of whether you have an Internet connection or not. 

  1. Maps


    Google Maps is probably the only solution you need for your navigational exploits. It can tell you where you can find restaurants, bars, ATM’s, hotels, bus stations and everything else in-between. It’s an absolutely great app that can help you find routes all around the world as well as see things close up an personal.

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