Work From Home: Keep Your Team Connected with these Best Android Collaboration Apps

Amid the current Coronavirus pandemic, working from home has now become an option for many organizations that have been working in an office setup. Apart from working individually at home, employees can interact with each other via a common platform.

Thanks to the collaboration apps available on Android, employees in an organization can now hold virtual meetings, share work-related documents, and receive real-time information from each other using a common platform.

This piece highlights some of the best Android collaboration apps that will keep your team connected as you work from home during this period of the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Slack


    Slack is a great communication app that facilitates a collaborative working environment and exchange of information among its users. With Slack, you can exchange individual and group messages with co-workers, organize conversations by topics, projects, and groups, share documents and images, integrate other tools such as Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Twitter, and customize your notifications.

  2. Trello


    Trello is a productivity app that allows you to organize your work and life activities. Trello is highly customizable to accommodate a variety of work-related, leisure, and social activities. With the app, you can easily create to-do lists and assign deadlines and participants. Using the calendar feature on the app, you can assign milestones and monitor progress easily. You can also set notifications to get notified when a task has been assigned, updated or completed.

  3. Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams

    Created by Microsoft, Microsoft Teams is a business management tool that helps to virtually manage your team. The app will help improve communication and productivity amongst employees that are working virtually. With the app, you and your workmates can send messages, images, documents, and have meetings from a shared workspace. Microsoft Teams also facilitates face-to-face HD audio and video conference calls allowing participants to join meetings from almost anywhere.

  4. Workplace by Facebook

    Workplace by Facebook

    Designed and created by Facebook Inc., Workplace is a collaboration app that allows you and your colleagues to create a common workspace. You can communicate with each other using text, audio & video calls, create groups for your projects, and share unlimited documents, images, videos, and audio files. 

  5. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    If you and your team are working from remote locations, you can use this app to facilitate your meetings. The app allows you to make HD, face-to-face videos calls with up to 100 participants. The app also has an instant messaging feature that allows you to send text, images, documents, and audio to other participants. You can also screen share web and Google Drive, Dropbox or Box files from your Android device.

  6. Jira Cloud - Official mobile app for Jira Software

    Jira Cloud – Official mobile app for Jira Software

    Jira Cloud is an organizer app that is most preferred by software development, project, or service teams. With the app, you can centralize end to end mobile development processes from building, testing, and debugging. Using the app, you can also design your business workflows and capture services, tasks, assets or any data inputs.

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