Cooking in Quarantine: Top 5 Easy Recipe Apps to Cook While You’re Self-Quarantined

Are you bored at home without anything important to do due to the current Coronavirus pandemic? This might be a good time to explore your cooking skills in the kitchen and prepare delicacies for your family. If you don’t know how to cook, this quarantine period might be an opportunity for you to learn how to.

If you agree that cooking during this coronavirus pandemic is a great idea, then you can explore various recipe apps and learn how to prepare different delicacies that will leave you and your family satisfied. This piece highlights the top 5 easy recipe apps for Android.

  1. Tasty


    Explore over 3000 great recipes with this new cooking coach. The app provides step by step procedures on how to prepare each delicacy. The app also has videos of cooking procedures that you can use while cooking. If you are a vegetarian or you only take special diets, the app features a filter tool that allows you to filter recipes by whatever you want to cook.

  2. Kitchen Stories - recipes, baking, healthy cooking

    Kitchen Stories – recipes, baking, healthy cooking

    The Kitchen Stories app features thousands of recipes from around the world. Each recipe has detailed step by step instructions on how to prepare. You can also watch instructional videos and read articles related to cooking and baking. An interesting feature of the app is that it also allows you to publish your own recipes for the whole world to see.

  3. Cookbook Recipes

    Cookbook Recipes

    Cookbook Recipes is a great recipe app that features many easy-to-prepare and healthy recipes. The app has several categories of recipes including soup, cake, drink, dessert, salad, stew, and appetizer recipes. Each of the recipes in the app features easy instructions and photos to guide you as you prepare your delicacy. You can easily search for a recipe on the app using a name or the ingredients used. The app also features special recipes for special diets such as keto, vegetarian, and paleo. 

  4. My CookBook (Recipe Manager)

    My CookBook (Recipe Manager)

    With this app, you will have your own customized cookbook. By using the import feature of the app, you can add new recipes to the app from other sources. You can save your favorite recipes in one place for easy access. The app also allows you to share your recipes with friends via different apps. If you have different Android devices, the app synchronizes all your recipes into your devices and you will be able to access them on any device.

  5. ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List

    ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List

    With ChefTap you can easily download and save recipes from any website and make multiple grocery lists to view and use later. Using the app, you can easily search for recipes by tags and sorting. You can also link two related recipes together and prepare them simultaneously. If you wish to be a bit explorative, you can make a copy of a recipe and explore new variations without tampering with the original recipe.

Android cookery apps with recipes to support you in the kitchen
Android cookery apps with recipes to support you in the kitchen

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