Top Apps to Find the Best Deals for your Last-minute Holidays

For one reason or another, sometimes holidays get forgotten or are deemed too expensive to go on, especially when you add on the cost of kids and activities etc. Some vacations however, are best booked last-minute, and by doing so you can actually save money!

So whether your last-minute holiday is an idea that literally just flew into your head, or if you regularly travel last-minute because of work or the possibility of saving money, take a look at the list below and you’re sure to find something useful to you. Better yet, if you regularly use apps to book last-minute deals that we’ve not mentioned, make sure to drop them in the comments.

  1. Last Minute Travel Deals

    Last Minute Travel Deals

    No list would be complete without the star of the show included. This app is designed specifically for finding the best prices at the shortest notice, and it’s not exclusive to flights, you can find accommodation too, with handy maps guiding you to the door. A must-have companion for any traveller.

  2. Hotel Tonight

    Hotel Tonight

    So you’ve just found a killer deal on a flight to Spain, so good you’ve got a taxi to the airport and are waiting to check-in, that’s when you realise you have nowhere to sleep. Fear not, Hotel Tonight provides great deals on accommodation in 12 different countries (Spain being one of them). It’s a handy app for finding hotels and can save you a few bucks too!

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  4. Travelzoo


    This app is the complete package. You can find deals on flights, to restaurants, to activities to do in the place you land. It’s packed with information and is perfect for any travel junkie. On top of that you can sign up to weekly emails which also offer great savings!

  5. TripIt Travel Organizer – Free

    TripIt Travel Organizer – Free

    TripIt is a wonderful app that delves into the realm of organization. While you can’t directly book or locate deals from the app, it’s extremely useful once your trip begins. Simply forward your flights and hotel reservation info to the app and you’re set. It’s easy to use and makes sure you always stay ahead of those pesky travel issues.

  6. FlightBoard


    With this app you can access real-time information of all arrivals and departures at a particular airport of your choice. Its extremely handy for last-minute travel plans and can help you find the latest outward flight from an airport nearby.


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