How to change the notification sound on your Android phone

Image 2 How to change the notification sound on your Android phone

Sometimes it’s nice to customize your Android device by injecting a little personality into it. That means ditching the default notification settings and adding something with a little more…umph. It’s incredibly easy to do as well. We’ll talk you through how to change your sounds for the general system and then we’ll mention a little bit about WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both of which you can customize too.

Take a look below and start adding your own charm and personality to your device, after all, it’s going to be in your hand almost all of the time!

Changing The Default Settings

Your stock Android will come with default sounds and ringtones. If you want to spice things up a bit then changing these are a must! It’s so easy to do as well. Note that these steps will vary from device to device depending on what version of Android you’re operating, but the basic principles are this:

  • Tap on “Settings” 
  • Find the option called “Sound” 
  • Choose the notification you want to change
  • Pick from the selected options. 

It’s really as simple as that.


When it comes to WhatsApp, things are still pretty simple.

First of all you’ll want to open the app and make sure you are on your main home screen (the screen which displays all of your chats). From there, tap on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner to bring a drop down menu on your screen.

  • Tap on “Settings” 
  • Tap on “Notifications”
  • Choose a new sound

It sounds easy because it is. You can adjust the notification sound for normal chats, groups and also for calls.

Facebook Messenger

Open up the Messenger application and navigate to your home screen (the screen with all of your chats on it). From there, tap on your profile picture which should be in the top right hand corner.

  • Tap on “Notifications & Sounds” 
  • Tap on “Notification Sound” 
  • Change accordingly 

You’ll have a few to choose from so simply tap on one, listen to how it sounds and then either choose again or save your option.

Bring Your Device To Life

Why settle for the presets you already have when you can customize your device even further? In the apps listed below you’ll find Zedge. Zedge allows you to browse through a huge catalog of different notification sounds and ringtones which you can add to your device at the tap of a button. It’s a great way of gaining more options to choose from rather than the stock choices that come with your device.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp is a fantastic communication app that lets you message anyone in the world, for free. All you need is their mobile number and away you go. Along with standard text messages; you can also send photos, videos and audio clips. WhatsApp revolutionized the way we chat with each other and is a must-have.

  2. Messenger


    Facebook released their messenger as a standalone app and they haven’t looked back since. While some people hate the fact they need a dedicated app to send messages, there’s no denying that having a central hub for all of your messaging makes things a lot easier than trying to navigate through the main platform.

  3. ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

    ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

    Why settle for the preset ringtones and notification sounds you have already? With Zedge you can unlock a whole world of audio content to customize your device even more. On top of that it’s also packed with wallpapers and themes. Bring your phone to life with Zedge!

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