Android Battery Killers: 5 Worst Apps That Drain Phone Battery

Image 2 Android Battery Killers: 5 Worst Apps That Drain Phone Battery

While the invention of smartphones has enabled us to completely change the way we live, they do have their drawbacks. Having social access in the palm of your hand, or being able to take amazing photography and instantly share it to your friends with nothing more than a simple tab is a huge step forward from 10 years ago.

That being said, there are some apps which absolutely drink our battery life. Bad battery life is a common issue with a lot of devices but there are some apps which contribute to the demise of your battery. Avast published a report which lets us know 5 of the main culprits that drain your battery life. Take a look at them below.

  1. Netflix


    Netflix allows us to stream or download hundreds of TV shows and movies to our devices, so it’s inevitable that it’ll have some impact on our battery life. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the app isn’t just draining your battery from using your WiFi and streaming to your device, but because it keeps your screen lit to do so. Your screen consumes more battery life than any app ever will so it’s worth toning down your brightness whenever you can to improve your battery life.

  2. Microsoft Outlook Preview

    Microsoft Outlook Preview

    The Outlook app is next on our list and for good reason too. It might not seem like the kind of app which would drain your battery, but due to the fact that it is constantly updating and syncing to see if you have new mail means that it is chugging your battery hard. You can opt to use your default stock e-mail app on your device to access your account or just use the web browser version. Either one will save you valuable battery power.

  3. Snapchat


    A lot of people don’t realize how much this app is a burden on your phones resources. It absolutely drains your battery and at the same time consumes a lot of memory data – and internet data. We highly recommend that you set the app to only work in WiFi otherwise you’ll find your data plan constantly being sapped.

  4. WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp is used by millions of people all over the world for communication, so deciding not to use it isn’t really an easy decision. We do suggest however that you limit how often it checks for new messages and reduce the push-notification access it has. These little changes might not seem like much but they will save you battery. Restricting it from downloading videos and photos when not on WiFi will also help save you a lot of data.

  5. Amazon Shopping

    Amazon Shopping

    Lastly we have Amazon Shopping. You might be surprised to find this on here, after all it’s used half as much as the other apps so surely the battery consumption can’t be that bad. The trouble though is that the app is always running in the background to make sure that you get the latest deals and offers. This is a secret agent in terms of battery usage.

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