Best apps of January 2018: Dollify, Family Dollar

IMAGE 1 - Best apps of January 2018

It’s almost February. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? I hope you’re hanging in there. Don’t give up now. You’ve only got 11 more months to go!

So, we got together and took a look at a whole bunch of Android apps we felt were the best of January 2019. We had a lot, so it was a tough choice. However, we finally got it down to 5 of the best. Here they are:

Dollify – If you’ve ever wanted to create your very own avatar you need to check out this app. Tons of choices for hair, clothing etc. You’ll love it!

Female Flat Stomach Workout – Before long summer will be here and you’ll be digging your swimsuit out of storage. Make sure you look your best by getting in shape now!

Zoomerang – Tik Tok Effects – This app is sure to please anyone who’s into creating cool videos. Shoot right from the app, add effects, and then share it on Facebook and Instagram in just a click!

Family Dollar – Do you like to shop smart and find the best deals anywhere?  If so, you’re probably a frequent shopper at Family Dollar and this is the app for you. Get access to deals that aren’t advertised anywhere else!

Weather Forecast – Of course, everyone should have a weather forecast app within easy reach and this is the best one we’ve found so far. It’s easy-to-use and offers a lot of information at a glance. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Try one – Try them all!  Whatever you do, be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

See you next time!

  1. Dollify


    Dollify is a super cute Android app that allows you to create your very own avatar. It’s easy-to-use and includes 14 different categories of items you can use to create thousands of different variations of your perfect profile image. The developer features the best avatars on their Instagram account.

  2. Female Flat Stomach Workout

    Female Flat Stomach Workout

    If you’ve ever dreamed of getting six-pack abs but thought it was impossible you need to check out this app. It’s free, easy-to-use, and will get you solid results in just a couple of weeks. Includes both beginner and advanced level exercises, a progress tracker, and much more.

  3. Zoomerang - TikTok effects

    Zoomerang – TikTok effects

    This is a terrific app for people who love taking videos. It allows you to take videos straight from the app, add cool special effects, some interesting background music, and then share them on Facebook or Instagram without leaving the app. Doesn’t require creating an account.

  4. Family Dollar

    Family Dollar

    Fans of Family Dollar will love this app because it gives you super easy access to Smart Coupons and special deals. See the latest offers before anyone else, browse the weekly ads, and get customized savings offers based on the way you shop. Some of the offers appear only on the app.

  5. Weather forecast

    Weather forecast

    The app to get if you need accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts from anywhere in the world.  There’s tons of data here. You’ll be able to easily access info on the temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and much more. The app is both customizable and easy-to-use.

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