WhatsApp new feature: Get call waiting facility on Android phones

Most phones today have the Call Waiting feature. The call waiting feature notifies you of an incoming call when you are on a call. The notification comes in the form of two short beeps. Rather than the caller being notified that your line is busy, the call will be put through normally and you will see the incoming call on your phone’s screen.

WhatsApp has also recently added the call waiting feature in their WhatsApp calling services. You can now get notified when you get an incoming WhatsApp call while on another call.

In the past, if someone called you on WhatsApp while you are on another call, the phone would ring normally and disconnect after some time. You would only get a missed call notification.

With the new Call Waiting feature on WhatsApp:

-Your phone will notify you of an incoming call. You will also see the incoming call on your screen

-You will have the choice of rejecting the incoming call and continue with the current call; or

-You can end the current call and receive the incoming call. If you choose to receive the incoming call, the current call will be terminated immediately and the person you were talking to will assume that you hung up on them.

The call waiting feature in WhatsApp is only available on version 2.19.352 and above on the normal app and on version 2.19.128 on WhatsApp Business. To access the call waiting feature, you need to update your WhatsApp app to the latest version.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger

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    WhatsApp Business

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