Best Job Search Apps for Android in 2020

Job hunting can be very difficult especially if you do not know where to look. Gone are the days where you would move from company to company looking for an opportunity to work. Thanks to technology, you can now conduct job searches at the comfort of your home via the Internet.

There are several apps that provide platforms for employers to meet with potential employees. Employers can post job openings on these apps and you can apply on any of the jobs that are relevant to you. You can also use these apps to post your official profile containing your curriculum vitae and relevant skills and experiences for potential employers to see.

This piece highlights some of the best job searching apps for Android devices that you can make use of in 2020.

  1. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a widely used platform that connects companies and professionals. Using the app, you can search and apply for jobs in a variety of fields. You can also create business networks by following other users on the app. Using your tailored profile, you can track and find news about jobs and join discussion groups that will help you find your desired job.

  2. Job Search by ZipRecruiter

    Job Search by ZipRecruiter

    This is another powerful job search app that searches for available jobs based on the information you provide. In the app, you will need to create a profile with the kind of jobs you are looking for. The app will automatically search over 100 job boards and provide you with the most relevant jobs to apply. You can also get daily alerts on the best-matched jobs.

  3. Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

    Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

    Also known as Glassdoor, this app is a reputable job search app. Using the app, you can search for jobs, see company reviews, and get interview tips to help you secure your desired job. With the app, you can also compare various companies and review their salaries. The app also provides you with expert advice on how to create your professional profile that includes your CV.

  4. Upwork for Freelancers

    Upwork for Freelancers

    For freelancers that prefer to work from home or a virtual office, Upwork provides them with a platform to search for jobs. The app contains a collection of different freelancing jobs that are posted daily. As a freelancer on the app, you can search through jobs that meet your skill requirements and chat with potential employers before getting hired.

  5. Indeed Job Search

    Indeed Job Search

    Indeed is a search engine for jobs. You can search for any type of job and receive results from various job boards and company websites. You can customize your search to include jobs in a particular country/city or from a specific job group/classification. You can create, upload, or import your CV allowing you to join the over 70 million networks of CVs in the app. You can also follow your favorite companies to get the latest jobs and news and email them whenever you want.


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