Wi-Fi Went Down Wi-Fi Went Down

When Wifi goes down it’s like the end of the world! But really… think about it… how would you do ANYTHING without the internet. How long do you think you could take it?  

Dance like Nobody’s Watching Dance like Nobody’s Watching

This is, sadly, true… Don’t forget to put down your phone and see the world once in a while 🙂  In any case, you do not have to hide the dance machine inside you anymore  😆 Source:  briantracy.com

8 Great Tips to Take Better Photos with your Smartphone 8 Great Tips to Take Better Photos with your Smartphone

A good photographer does not need a lens the size of a baseball bat to take captivating photos. The magnificent truth is… neither do you! Ingredients: Your smartphone 1 tablespoon of effort Pinch of patience Unhealthy dose of passion Recipe: 1. Get to Know your camera S…

The E-mail Attachment Nightmare The E-mail Attachment Nightmare

LoL… I think we have all been there. There is nothing quite like sending your attachment e-mail without the actual attachment. My personal record is 3 attempts. What is yours?

Delete Cookies??!! Delete Cookies??!!

Not everybody is happy to delete cookies. Especially not the Cookie Monster. Smart people who gave such a sweet name to these sneaky little spies…